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Chassol - Dosidomifa Pt. 1

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Egokind & Ozean - One Love (Traum V178)

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Dark Sky “Silent Fall” (MTR047) Out August 15, 2014

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#DIG is an interactive experience in the worldwide sound system.
Bloggers, producers, DJs or musicians but most of all music geeks, the diggers personify the various changes musical world has faced for ten years now.
Thanks to them - and the Internet rise - music spread more quickly than it has ever done, causing some unexpected brews. From the Gangnam style to the electro-chaabi of Cairo suburbs, from the Japanese funk to the afro Dance, everything can be listened to and everything gets mixed.
To explore this sound revolution we’re all involved in at various degrees, we decided to offer users a transmedia documentary experience devoted to sharing.


Written & directed by Fabien Benoit
Motion design by Daniel Bahr & Simon Greiner
Original concept by Sidonie Garnier, Jeanne Thibord & François Le Gall
Produced by La Maison du Directeur & Camera Talk Productions

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Bitcoin: l’étrange monnaie de l’Internet par @Manonmella pour RFI

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henrytheworst: RINSE!


henrytheworst: RINSE!

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